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Your quick start to creating a
Pinterest strategy & more...

Get access to Heather's Pinterest Roadmap, an exclusive 6 week program to develop your entire organic Pinterest strategy with proven results.

A library of pre-designed templates - including Pinterest templates, board and banners templates as well workbook templates & more to save you time and frustration when designing.

Create a Pinterest System to support your marketing efforts - This is Heather's exclusive system to design an effective workflow saving you hours of wasted time and money.

Get access to our exclusive course library including courses on Pinterest Ads, Canva, Google Analytics, Pinterest VA resources & more.

Monthly Deep Dives on marketing topics like lead magnets, creating digital products & more

Learn how to plan a content strategy for your website with Heather's Google SEO/content strategy mini course

Regular office hours

Co-working calls & pants of fire calls 

Hot seats with action plans

An exclusive community that will support you no matter where you are in your marketing journey, getting questions answered & sharing wins.

&& so much more

I approached Heather for Pinterest because I heard her on a podcast and I knew she knew her stuff!! She helped me by encouraging me and equipping me with what I needed to get started on Pinterest early on in my business journey. The result was greater traffic to my website. The one thing I liked was her she is so genuine and willing to go above and beyond to support her students. I found her training to be practical and clear cut. I would recommend Heather to anyone who needs support in their Pinterest marketing strategy.

Lindsay Levieska

I wanted to strengthen my Pinterest knowledge and keep up with trends and changes and found Heather to be a fantastic resource. I found the experience to be amazing & so robust and not lacking at all. It helped me to gain confidence in knowing I had someone to come to with questions and learn better ways to handle clients, workflows, and new accounts. One thing I liked was her desire to give to her community. She has a true giving nature and gives so much of her time and shares her knowledge. I admire her abundance mindset. The result was growing my business with the confidence and knowledge I received through joining the Academy I have acquired and maintained 3 more clients since joining. 

Ann Marie Bravo
I wanted to learn pinterest strategy and how to get better results for my clients. Pin Profit Academy helped me to grow my knowledge of SEO and creating custom Pinterest strategies for my clients. Heather explained things in a way that make sense and I found the membership to be worth every penny.
Katie Fisher
Pin Profit Academy has completely transformed the way I do business! My journey began when I stumbled upon Heather's incredible content on YouTube. Her free resources were already a goldmine, so I decided to take the plunge into her membership. Inside the Pin Profit Academy, I discovered tons of knowledge and actionable insights. I've invested in my fair share of high-ticket Pinterest courses before, but none of them even came close to the straightforward, practical guidance offered in this membership. What sets the Pin Profit Academy apart is Heather's genuine warmth and unwavering support for her members. She doesn't just open the door; she welcomes us with open arms and goes the extra mile to ensure our businesses thrive. It's not just a membership; it's a community of like-minded professionals working together for incredible results. Joining was one of the best decisions I've made for my business!
Katie Van Gilder